Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Birthday card made by Belle

One of the Belle's best friends' 12th birthday is coming. She decided to make a birthday card for her.

She used her favorite Lawn Fawn How you bean bundles to make this birthday card. To her this card is easy to make, but I like her idea for making those shiny star by herself. I like to share how she make those stars.

She used the copy paper (not cardstock) , put glue all the paper and drop the glitter she chose on it. Let it dry thoroughly. She waited one night. Next day she used the star die in this bundle to die cut all star. Those stars are not only shiny but also texture. They have 3D result. I like her idea.

The rest of thing was normal. Die cut jar, lid and beans. Colored them and glue on the card. She did a little black ink on the card. She was upset, but I thought it's ok. Her friend will still love it because Belle made it from her heart.

Finally she decided used the flower ribbon to cover some. That's good enough!

Supplies that She used:
Lawn Fawn how you bean bundle
Glitter from local Michael's, those glitters are so cute.

Color pencils and markers
White cardstock from local Hobby Lobby
Ribbon from local Michael 's


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